PSA Bogus Freecad site

So I was just checking in with FreeCAD to see if I was still up to date, and when I searched Google for Freecad the first result that popped up was I didn’t even think anything of it until I clicked the download link as the website is almost exactly the same layout. First of all, it just popped up a download window. Not the OS choice page or anything like that. Second, the file to be downloaded had a ver number of 2.5.1, which for those of us playing along at home, would be a ridiculously huge leap in development, since the last new version was 0.21.0. Seemed pretty suspect. So I continued multiple results down to find the legit one,

After a quick search for “ fake”, I came across a post on their forum with the same question posted earlier today.

So just a heads up to everyone out there who may want to get started with this software, or might just be to quick too get the download.

so just to be clear…


REAL: (latest version is 0.21.1) as of this post


Not the first fraudulent FreeCAD download site either.

FYI: I edited the post to make the references to the fraudulent site not be links, so that they don’t contribute to SEO juice for the fraudsters. :grimacing: