Pololu A4988 for less than $3?

Pololu A4988 for less than $3? That seems to be one of the offers of this site (one I have never bought from, btw).


They’ve already earned themselves an orange WebOfTrust rating - I’d file this one under “too good to be true”.

They’ve directly stolen Sparkfun’s website design - I wouldn’t trust them.

Order more then one and see what happens…

I have actually ordered from them quite a bit and they fulfill every order usually arrives in 11 days give or take a day. There 1-3$ price point on stepper drivers is no joke they work too. They have a sale on 3d printer stuff every weekend.

Just my two cents.

Oh and I usually order 5 stepper drivers at a time 15 for a set of five stepper drivers is great if you can wait the extra few days for them to arrive.

Sorry one more post, I ordered a set of five of these exact stepper drivers ill post some pics of em when I get them if you want. If you order the mk2a heated bed just be aware that its not the bed with big solder pads, there small through hole square pads. Other than that that’s the only issue I have come across and they usually throw in 1-2 100k NTC thermistors with the heat bed.

Ok that’s all, bed time.

@Jeremy_G_WeisTek_Eng you had me convinced, but their special offer seems to be over. Too bad.

Sall good just wait tell next fri.

Price says $12.50, for me

You need to wait tell this Friday, they have a sale every weekend. They might not have stepper drivers up this weekend but they usually have LCD controllers, micro controllers (ramps, sanguino, printrboard etc) heated beds and what not, at ridiculous prices.

The new printrboard they had on there for 19$ a few weeks back.

I hope they’re for real. I just placed an order.

Just ordered from them as well. Let’s see what we get!

Just be aware it does take some time. I think the longest I waited for a package from them was just under 14 days.

If your order is over 45$(I think that’s the limit) you get a tracking number/s otherwise don’t freak out.

I actually just ordered from them again as well.

Orders from China / Honkgkong / India / Taiwan or wherever take between a week and two months to get to me - if they don’t get stuck at customs, that is. Registered mail is not noticeably faster and shipping time is generally non-predictable for any kind of mailing.

Ware are you located, I’ve only had one package take 15days, funny thing is I’ve had an order in the states take longer and it ended up never showing up after a month of waiting it got refunded.

I’m in Bavaria, Germany. Honestly, i can’t really explain why one parcel would take that much longer than another, either. Two weeks ago i ordered from Noah (socoolmart on ebay) and he shipped out two parcels via air mail at the same time. One of them already arrived here, the other one has apparently left China, but not arrived in Europe yet. Weird stuff.

Ya it is weird, the second shipment I have from then (out of 3 coming) just left a few days ago. I think they wait until try have enough orders to ship out so it dons’t cost them so much mailing separate packages try can just put in for one shipping order.

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