Pinewood Derby (less wood more plastic)

Well it’s that time of year, working with my two sons on their pinewood derby cars. My youngest wanted a SharkCar, and my Oldest wanted a Batmobile inspired car. We sat down and they made preliminary sketches on paper, then spent a day in Solidworks designing them. Can’t wait to get them finished printing then making the little guys sand endlessly like my dad did to me. But both boys are proud of their designs.


PinePlastic Derby?

Let’s just say I’m far better in CAD and running printers than I am at woodworking :slight_smile:

They don’t have any rules against it, and we are able to make a lot more intricate designs. Plus I like showing them how to use the slicer settings and making them run the printer.

Last year I cut out a wood base and then had everything glue on, but they have kind of a hard stop at the end of the track and the parts kept flying off.


This is awesome man! Certainly adds a bit of flare over your standard racer XD

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Thanks man. And good to see you’re still kicking around. You going to make it out to MRRF this year? I really miss the old g+ group. Things are certainly nice around here, but 3D printing section definitely doesn’t get the attention the laser side does.

Probably won’t be there this year; I really want a lathe and new PC built – only way I’m going to convince my wife to spend that savings is to give up MRRF. DeltaMaker is now fronting the costs for my attendance @ ERRF each year though - so I’ve been going there. Much better venue, lots more elbow room, same great people! XD

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