Overly ambitious Scifi tank

Probably way over my head but I’ve started designing a scifi tank. I wanted functional treads which is something I’ve never done. So very simple design for them.

Also designing as I go which is the worst possible way to make something. But learning and having fun.

Lastly it will be on the bigger side. Right now looks to be around 20 inches long and 8 to 10 inches tall.

I am now on the third roll of PLA filament.

rough idea

where I am at now

Still a ton of work to do and print.


Separate front and back to articulate it? Or still skid-steer only and multiple tracks for cool factor?

lol. Great questions. I don’t know yet. I am playing with different design ideas right now.

I really didn’t have a clear direction when I started the build.

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In the future could there be a forward detachable unit which was the steering element but becomes a remote controllable 50 caliber alien eliminator? :wink:

Futuristic vehicles are just cool. thx for sharing.

I am going with a slight articulation of the front wheel assembly. they will be able to move up and down on a hinge.

I really liked the idea of having a remote unit in the front so going with a rail gun drone and a landing platform in the front area. Quick model and its in the printer now.

Still have to print the main tank body and turrent and figure out what kind of barrel I want and then I can focus on the fun parts of making all the greebles and appliques.


Still trudging along with the build. Hopefully will have all the parts designed and printed by the end of the week and can start thinking about paint scheme.

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for the articulating treads there would need to be some idler wheels on top of the treads to keep them from rubbing against the underside of the fenders.

Is that a Phalanx defense node on top of the turret?

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Thanks for the comments. I am completely winging it in design and this is not based on anything real but I gave myself some extra clearance due to the same fear.

The top weapon is “very” loosely modeled after a Raytheon Defender Laser Close In Weapon System.

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I am calling this step of the project complete. All the pieces have been printed so still have to decide which paint scheme want to use and its going onto the long list of models that need to be painted.


Of course have to render the model. :slight_smile:

scifi tank


All the parts are finally printed and I am starting to glue and primer. For reference the wheels are 3 inches across.


Did a quick dry fit to make sure everything lined up. Surprisingly it did. Next tedious step is to start assembling the track.


I am super pleasantly surprised but the treads fit almost perfectly. I have to order more finishing nails. Only had enough to do this much. For some reason the big box stores near me were out of the size I needed.


Finally assembled. Going onto the needs to be painted list behind a dozen or so other projects. lol

And of course had to make a cnc pattern from it.