Open Source mSLA kit on Crowd Supply: Lite3DP Gen 2

Most mSLA resin printers are rather proprietary. Here’s one that’s open source. It’s small, but for a lot of resin-printed parts, that’s not crazy. This is the first resin printer that has really tempted me…

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Opto-isolated endstop, nice, not the TVS diode solution I was recently looking at.

Yeah 100mm x 100mm x 167mm build space for a lot of small parts is enough, especially if you are into D&D. On reflection though a plus of resin printing (when batch printing) is filling the whole build plate, because a full plate takes the same time as a virtually empty plate.

I got put off when I saw the extra washing and curing, never mind the smell, yet I know I will succumb one day I’ll think “just do it” and I’ll buy myself a nice small resin printer like this! lol

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