Omtech k40+ No power, no display, no fire

The title says most of it. I was running first burn and it was nearly finished. There was a popping type noise and everything stopped. From there it was dead and pc lost connection and stopped the project.

What should I be looking for? I didn’t see any clear damage, but I have no idea what to be looking for. Any help is much appreciated. I thought I was following along, but I’m afraid I blew $600.

“first burn” — this was the first time operating a brand-new unit?

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I’d start by some basics… have you checked the wall supply, cable and any accessible fuses? If the machine is just totally dead that suggests something pretty fundamental is blown.

Also: how serviceable is it?

Post pictures of these, showing connectors:

  • Laser Power supply
  • Control panel
  • Controller

From this info we can likely give you some troubleshooting help.

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Yes, essentially. I fired it a couple times, but not for a project.

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If you didn’t blow a circuit( mains power ) and that is still solid I would start from the beginning to see that you have/had everything setup properly. ie there was water running through the tube, the water temp was below 25C, the exhaust fan was running since this not only exhausts fumes but also pulls in some cool air into the electronics bay.

FWIW, the stock K40 power supply provides power to not only the HV for the laser tube but also the power for the controller board and the stepper motors which move the laser head. Everything going dark sounds like a major failure in the laser power supply(LPS). But figuring out why might also tell you what is bad.

I will get some photos this evening after work.

Let me redact what I said previously. When I turn the on/off key on the side panel the power supply seems to have a green glowing light. The exhaust fans runs as well. There is no power display, no temp display, no LED light power in the work space, no movement, no laser (even test fire button) and no red dot for gauging alignment. If there’s more photos or anything needed please let me know. I have most the day off, so I can dig into this.

It sounds very much like a power supply.

If the supply has a green led, it sounds like it has power. However, the lps should still work, since it can be manually pulsed.

Something here isn’t making sense to me…


Which supply there appears to be two?

Which fans, fans on the machine or in the LPS?

Is there any kind of label/pn on the silver framed supply?
What is the part # on the LPS I can barely read it?
That looks like a separate low voltage supply perhaps to power controller and accessories.

Can you measure the output of that supply?

The smaller one doesn’t seem to have any label/serial info.