Novice needs Mentor

Novice maker here. Thank you for your patience.
I have a conception for a project, and could use some advice and references.

I want to frame a 24x36 inch poster, and build an audio device to accompany it, possibly incorporated into the frame.

I’d like the sound to be powered by removable/replaceable batteries, rechargeable type. I want to install a single song from a PC onto this sound device, which is 2:26 minutes in length. I’d want the sound quality to be pretty good, not tinny like a record-able sound device from a greeting card.

I am picturing this as a box/bar that would run along the base of the picture frame. I’d want it to have a manual on/off switch, an electric eye to trigger auto play, and a switch to turn on/off the electric eye.

Along the top of the frame, I’d like there to be a light bar that can be set for a variety of colors, dimmable, and with a manual on/off switch. Again, battery powered preferably, also tied into the electric eye.

I don’t have much in the way of tools, just a power drill, power sander, and a jig saw. Also a variety of hand tools.

I’ve got some old cell phones lying around, as well as a slightly bulky pair of external computer speakers with a bent jack plug.

What specific questions do you have?

I am in the position of not even knowing what to ask, but:

  1. Sources of parts/kits for the light bar and sound bar?

  2. Source of a storage device that will hold the music, and be controllable by both a manual switch and an electric eye?

  3. It needs to be, I don’t know…as loud at least as a cell phone speaker phone.

I don’t even know where to begin with this.

I recommend looking at the Adafruit learning system ( as there are a bunch of HOWTOs for audio:
They sell a little board that might work for you and here’s the HOWTO for it: Overview | Adafruit Audio FX Sound Board | Adafruit Learning System
There’s also a set of “hey, here’s how to get started with electronics” HOWTOs on this page: Adafruit Learning System

Let me know if you have further questions.


Thanks. My goal is absolutely NOT to learn about electronics, or anything else. My goal is to get the absolute minimum information to complete this EXACT project.

I want to drive a car to the corner store, not learn how to build an entire car.

Another way of putting it: I have an electronic keyboard and only want to learn how to play ONE EXACT SONG, not spend years learning scales and chords.

Noted. Good luck with that!

Your project does not have a Lego version of a kit to build… As you already know, your project consists of a few different types of projects combined for a unique purpose. Therefore, it’s much more likely you will be hiring someone to do your project for you OR you’ll have to learn some basics about how electrical circuits work, how to solder and how to use a few hand tools. Possibly even how to install some software like Arduino IDE and a little programming.

There’s just not going to be a step-by-step for your project and it would take hours for someone to put one together for you.


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Thank you.

How about mounting a small Bluetooth speaker linked to an old cellphone playing your song?