Not all is quite Pro in the Creality CR10S-Pro world...

(Jon Gritton) #1

Not all is quite Pro in the Creality CR10S-Pro world…

(Kevin Danger Powers) #2

Accidents happen. It was probably a Friday and the guy wanted to go home and just forgot to put the screws in. Shit happens. On the other hand, quality control SHOULD have caught it. Just throw some screws in it and be done with it.

(Jeff Para) #3

This is why i believe 3d printers should be built…not bought!
Most people dont have the slightest clue how one works and cry and complain about it breaking instead of just fixing it.
Of course when i got into it you had no choice but to build as no one offered kits or completed untits back then.

(Eduardo Schoenknecht) #4

Sorry, 3D printers are not for those who can’t handle a loose screw. Even printers that cost the same as a car will demand constant monitoring and mantainance.

(Jon Gritton) #5

@Jeff_Para but in fairness you could say the same thing about practically any “constructed” product. There are countless products people use on a daily basis without knowing how to build or repair them and it would be unreasonable to expect everyone to have that ability.

(Jon Gritton) #6

@Eduardo_Schoenknecht so… in your opinion it’s fine that a company sends out a new printer with parts missing or defective? Would you be happy if that were the case with your car, or your gas boiler?

(ThantiK) #7

@Jon_Gritton For all we know they didn’t send the parts missing or defective, they could have rattled loose during shipping. This isn’t an unreasonable fix to perform yourself. You don’t even need to know anything about the printer; it’s obvious where that part goes, it’s obvious where a set of screws go. It’s such an inconsequential fix that I’m not sure it’s worth fussing about.

(Jonathan Challis) #8

@Jeff_Para - that’s fine for people for whom the engineering side is a hobby, but not for the rest of us who just want to plug and print stuff device. To make the consumer big time, it’s got to work as reliably as a laser printer (or at least an inkjet).

(Eduardo Schoenknecht) #9

@Jonathan_Challis I don’t believe everyone need to own and know how to operate a 3D printer. If you don’t want to get involved just use a 3D printing service. People buy a new cheap Inkjet and Laser printers for every “loose screw” they preset, and throw away the old one. One of the most beautiful thing about 3D printers is how you are able to learn, fix, improve and update them. I hope in the future we never get a HP laser 3D printer, but a “reprap style” opensource paper printer.

(ThantiK) #10

@Eduardo_Schoenknecht What I wouldn’t give for an open source 2D paper printer…

(Jeff Para) #11

@Jonathan_Challis You are incorrect sir.
3D printing HAS come along way in the 7+ years I have been into it myself. However, it is STILL NOT a consumer item yet.These are still considered hobbyist machines and if you cant fully tear down and reassemble, trouble shoot, or AT LEAST replace 2 missing screws without creating a whole blog about it, then you shouldn’t be using one.

(Jeff Para) #12

@Jon_Gritton These aren’t at that consumer level yet. Most of these are derived from hobbyist designs that are not UL or CE certified. These are made by small “companies” (or China) that don’t have a full staff of quality control- if any. Mostly they are hobbyists that are trying to make a business out of it.
If you’re going to compare it to a car - OK. At this stage these printers are more akin to lets say a Cobra Kit car rather than a mass produced and engineered GM or Ford, etc. These kit car companies are quite capable of delivering a drive-able car, but if the customer doesn’t know anything about cars then he needs to have “a guy”.
If people are so hellbent on using this technology at this stage then they should wither learn how to maintain, repair it, or wait for HP to make one or - as its been said - have a 3d print service do it.
As far as this post goes, yeah they made a mistake that needs to be rectified, but c’mon - put some screws in it and LEARN about the machine you just purchased!!

(Kevin Danger Powers) #13

It would be nice if 3D printers were plug and play but they just aren’t at this point in time. They all take maintenance, repairs and at least a little bit of know how. If someone couldn’t get 2 screws to put this brass block back in place, I don’t think owning a printer at this point in time is the best idea. What happens if your transmission in your car goes out? You either fix it yourself, have someone else fix it or you get rid of it. Same with a printer. If you can’t fix it and can’t find someone to fix it for you (you know, at your neighborhood 3D printer repair shop), well then you throw it away (or sell it). But as I stated before, quality control should have caught something like this before it even shipped out (assuming the screws were forgotten). At this point, find some screws and fix it.

(ThantiK) #14

It’s not really fair to be telling people that they shouldn’t own a printer if they’re gonna complain about 2 screws missing either. A part being misassembled or disassembled when you buy a kit with these things pre-assembled, you expect them to be done correctly.

It doesn’t deserve this much attention, but sure - I’d leave a store review and take a star off and mention the messed up screws. Does it need a blog post? Sure - if your followers are interested in that kind of thing that’s fine.

Writing off the entire company though? A little far.

I think both sides need to come a little more toward the center on the issue.

(Stephanie A) #15

Given that these will burn your house down if abused, a little bit of knowledge is required.

Re: the company, make sure QA has a proper checklist, and add loctite to all screws. Mistakes happen even with the best of companies.

(Jeff DeMaagd) #16

This is kind of minor for Creality if Printed Solid’s alleged experiences say anything. I guess one needs to weigh the options. The loose and missing screws are simple to fix but that still leaves the question of non-obvious problems that might be lurking. You will likely have to pay more for a better built, better QC’d machine.

(Jon Gritton) #17

@ThantiK I made a blog post because I’d reviewed the unboxing and build. If I’d spotted these missing screws during that first build I would certainly have mentioned it, so it seems OK to me to make a follow-up post about it.

I certainly agree that printers at this level are not a good fit for people without some technical savvy, but I don’t think that necessarily means it should be OK for them to be delivered new with faults. Sure, if they need tweaking and fixing over time in use, that’s totally fine and I’d agree that’s kinda the stage we’re at with this level of machine, but out of the box?

(Johan Jakobsson) #18

Isn’t that to be expected if you buy a cheap product from a faraway country? When I buy stuff from China I know what I’m getting and why. I’ know I’m giving up quality for a lower price.
If you’re not ok with that you should stick to the branded printers with propper customer service like UM, Prusa et.c.
So yeah, lower price equals you’re giving up on QC, service from the vendor if the product breaks, corners cut to lower the price et.c. Shouldn’t surprise anyone.

(Jon Gritton) #19

@Johan_Jakobsson that’s a pretty sweeping statement to suggest that everything coming from China is low quality, and here we’re talking about 2 missing screws, apart from that the actual “quality” of the machine, which IS branded by the way, it’s a Creality, is very good and makes my Prusa look rather cheap.

If you think UMs are problem free, you should visit their support forum sometime.

Not sure what the distance of the country of manufacture has to do with anything.

(Johan Jakobsson) #20

@Jon_Gritton If you read my reply carefully you’ll see that i wrote “a cheap product from a faraway country” and never suggested that all products from china are low quality.
You get what you pay for. Half of quality control is quality and 2 missing screws would most certainly fall under lacking QC in my book.
As for Creatility being a “proper” brand i have no experience but i have my doubts. The lacking QC for example…But since they are a proper brand with all the bells and whistles that comes along with that, please contacting their customer support and ask for them to send the missing parts or even better a new correctly assembled printer.