No jog in k40 whisperer

Hi guys and gals!
Long time maker, first time caller

Just got my hands on a k40 laser, got it all set up per the usual YouTube tutorials… However… It will goto home when I power up (so motors have power) but when I jog in any direction in k40 whisperer… No movement. But also no errors showing?
It will connect with the laser fine? And if I go to print something the laser fires. But the head just kinda niggles around the same 2mm square?

Any of you fine folk have any suggestions please?

Cabling to the motor
the flat cable that goes to the endstops

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Thanks donkjr, will take a look. My only concern is that the head will home when I switch the machine on, so suggests that they have power?
I fear it may be a coms issue between the board and the motors (ie the flat ribbon) as the computer doesn’t feed back any errors?

The flat cable is often problematic.
About the only thing you can do is to test the cable with an ohm meter, insure the cable is plugged in the right direction and seated fully into the connectors.

Here’s an instance from a few weeks ago:

(I moved this to the K40 Laser Help subcategory because it doesn’t look likely related to whisperer; at least, the first thing to check is the machine.)

Thanks mcdanlj
I’m gonna do a check on this when I’m next up the workshop, I’ve also put in a request for a quote on a new cable from a couple of suppliers who I’m waiting to get back to me
Worse case I might buy a spare middleman board I’ve seen on ebay and directly hardwire a loom between that and the main board pcb
Will keep all updated either way

I have never found a replacement cable, the spacing and length are non standard.
These cables can be repaired by scraping back the insulation and soldering a small jumper or solder bridge.

Morning everyone.

So I checked the ribbon cable and all seems to be fine? I also checked the middleman board and it, visually, looks ok…
All I’m getting when I try to engrave is the same motion in this video MOV_0422|video

Any further suggestions or checks I can carry out?