New to k40 - just bought a k40 laser

Hi all

I am Richard from Australia.
I recently bought a K40 laser engraver, and it is sitting in my living room for about a week.
I will use this engraver to make cake topper, and the material is usually the 3mm acrylic

this is the model I bought:

Can I buy this laser head? if no, please kindly recommend an alternative

I will also buy a 18mm focus lens and a mo-mirror set (three mirrors, size @ 20mm)

also, should I remove the ground bolt from the machine?


This link resolves to a search term.
Do you mean this part?

What ground bolt do you mean? Picture?

The main thing is to ensure that the safety ground (earthing pin) from your outlet is connected to the machineā€™s frame. This is usually done by a connection from the input plug (in Australia I think that is the vertical pin) to the frame using a bolt. Also, ensure that all the skins on the machine are also connected to that ground.
You can check these with an ohmmeter.

Another thought. I recommend that before making any mods set up the stock machine and get it running properly. This will help you determine if the origin of problems is the shipped configuration or the addition of upgrades.


The K40 Intro link at the top of the page takes you to the first article in the #k40:intro category which has lots of condensed knowledge. :slightly_smiling_face:

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thanks for your reply.
I have just updated the link to the correct URL.

also, this URL is about removing the ground bolt from the K40
Warning for new machine owners - grounding issues -

See Laser safety: Light and Electricity from #k40:intro