New project I've been working on. This particular pattern is from Mark's Twinklefox code.

New project I’ve been working on. This particular pattern is from Mark’s Twinklefox code. Everything is controlled by smartphone using an app called Blynk. I think I have around 25 animations and 30 color palettes currently programmed.

Edit: I also wanted to point out that the color palettes came from @Jason_Coon 's Christmas tree code. Not sure if they were originally part of Mark’s code or not but look great nonetheless

One more vid without the diffuser and Color palettes with waves code by Mark.

That’s very cool, I like the triangles. How did you make it?

@Jeremy_Spencer Thanks! I purchased it from Target as a bare bones advent calendar. Had to drill a bunch of holes and add some paint to it. It is a polished steel with a copperish looking plating.

Great mod! I like the look with diffusion, but think it’s a bit more Christmas tree like with it off.

@marmil Thanks Marc. I would definitely agree with you. Some of the animations look better with the diffuser others without. I need to devise a way to make the diffuser easily detachable depending on my mood and animation and not be ugly. Currently attached with clear tape…

Tiny neodymium magnets. :slight_smile:

@marmil Oh heck yeah. That is a great idea. Thank you

I just saw this on Instagram. Apparently I follow you :slight_smile: it’s awesome

@Charity_Stolarz Haha thanks. If I had the patience I’d cut diffusers to put in each triangle to maybe get the best of both worlds.

@Brian_Lewis I was thinking he same thing- but it’ll be such a pain. Too bad you can’t slice a cross section through the metal part and slide the diffuser in between

You could 3d print diffusers to fit in the spaces…

Any documentation on the code?

@Cristian_Martinez ​ for this project specifically or a blynk project?

For this one

@Cristian_Martinez ​ yeah for sure. I’ll post the code on GitHub tomorrow. I use a local blynk server so I don’t have to do any in app purchases. PM me on Instagram and I can help you out if you want

@Brian_Lewis ​ thanx man! I really appreciate that :slight_smile:

@Cristian_Martinez Forgot to do this yesterday. First time uploading a finished(kind of) project to GitHub. Let me know if I missed anything.

@Brian_Lewis ​ thanx man :slight_smile: and no problem

@Brian_Lewis you mentioned you had unlimited energy because you were running on a local server, can you elaborate more on this?