Micro usb power injection for android pad?

Hi, like many I have an android pad with one micro usb connector. If I want to add a perpheral, either a USB stick, RTL-SDR or anythong else for that matter I need to disconnect the pad from the power. This is particuarly problematic if the perpherial draws a non trivial amount of power. Is there any cables or devices that could push power to the pad, and peripheral whilst at the same time allowing the connection of the peripheral to the pad? I have been google searching power injection but all I can find are some unsuitable boards like this (https://blog.tindie.com/2017/10/usb-power-data-merger/ , ). I cannot belwive i am the first to ask this question. Even the found board looks like a lot of fuss and work for what is simple in principle.

Any assistance welcome

I believe you need a powered OTG (“on the go”) hub for this. Many say they can’t charge connected phones or tablets, I think because they only provide base 500mA current, but that might be enough to maintain charge on a connected tablet and power some attached devices? They seem to be about $10 so at least it wouldn’t be a ruinously expensive experiment, I guess.

I haven’t tried this.

I think this is easier with newer tablets with USB-C with which you can use normal powered USB-C hubs. I think the problem is with mini/micro USB specifically.

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I wonder if something like this might work since it has a USB-A connector for connecting to a wall wart PS. Combine it with a powered USB hub for your peripherals and maybe both the tablet charges and the devices don’t draw from the tablet.

Yeah, the powered OTG hubs are that device plus a hub. Note that it has the same “cannot charge a smartphone/tablet” presumably because it supplies only the non-negotiated 500mA at 5V baseline.

Yes, looking for a solution which has external power input for the OTG connector, separate from the USB hub was what it sounded like was needed since those powered OTG hubs limit what goes back to the OTG device.

Hi, Appols I screwed up. I actually meant.a mini not a micro USB! I looked on Brando for a paralell connector and no luck. What would be wrong with stripping down a micro USB cable and feeding to both the pad and peripherals in a power supply at 5v say from a power bank?