Maximum stepper motor for mks dlc

Hello, may i ask, how big stepper motor can support for makerbase dlc 2.1 for cnc router,normally im used nema 24, can makerbase support nema34. Tq🤗

That product has empty stepper motor driver sockets and 12-24VDC input so it depends on what drivers and motors you use. If you need more that a socketed stepper motor driver can support then there are 4 pin headers at each driver socket for you to use to control external stepper drivers having their own external power supply like the TB6600 drivers.


NEMA stepper sizes (e.g. NEMA 11, 17, 23, 24, etc) are mechanical specifications, and are only indirectly related to electrical specifications by the constraints is what is practical within that physical size.

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