Magnetic bed mounting

I just received a PEI-coated spring steel bed surface.

I had expected that I would mount it by putting magnets into a PTFE extension from the bed that holds magnetically to the handle portion that sticks out beyond the bed dimensions, so that I could keep the magnets below their curie temperature even when printing at high temperature. But it shipped with a self-adhesive sheet of flexible magnetic material like a huge fridge magnet.

Is my original idea of making a PTFE handle crazy? Does any of that flexible magnetic material still work at 130⁰C? Is any of it a good thermal conductor?

Got an unexpectedly quick reply from the aliexpress seller that the magnetic mat is good to 130⁰C — I hope that’s accurate!

I’ve installed it and am doing a test print at 80⁰C, and at least at that temperature it is fine. It is clearly a bit of a thermal insulator, but not necessarily any worse than glass. After 5 minutes or so, my temperature reading on the top of the bed surface was 1⁰C lower than what the thermistor under the bed was reading.

The mat plus bed seems to be about the same thickness as the glass I removed; when I went to adjust Z homing height, I ended up not changing it at all.


Did you get the structured or the smooth plate? Any experience yet?
I’m also thinking of buying one of these, but not sure which one to take.

It’s dual-surface; powdered/textured on one side, and smooth (matte) on the other. I printed on the matte side last night and my print tore when I removed it, the adhesion was so strong.

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