Looking for free software for CNC machine and related activity

I bought stepper motors, v slot frame, arduino based controller (MKS DLC) i also have some other cnc controller

Objective is to setup everything and run g code from windows computer and observe motor movements, my major objective is to learn X, Y and Z movements using G Code etc.

I’m looking for some open source free software that i can install on my Win 10 machine where i can run some G Code instruction may be by typing in or using file.


Sounds like you want a “sender”. There are several out there. Here are two:


Thanks, Candle is code on Git hub it confuses me a lot how can i get installation while project is on Git hub, is it necessary to download the code and compile it myself?

Looked to me like there were Windows binaries too. (I’ve never tried running it on Windows, though, only on Linux where I did build it myself from source.)

I’m running UGS through a new arduino board based on gbrl 1.1h. You can write macros in g-code directly into UGS or you can write g-code in notepad and run it through UGS and it runs under Windows, Mac and Linux


After a bad experience a few years ago when UGS didn’t work on my Linux system, I decided to try it again, because Candle really wants a lot of screen pixels, and the screen on that computer isn’t enough. I sometimes even found 2560x1440 not enough!

UGS is working fine on that Fedora 33 system now. So whatever didn’t work years ago seems fixed for me. :relaxed: