Looking for a uk maker community that can do some prints for me on a budget

I have a bambu P1P that I don’t really know how to use just yet, and I’d like to have a case/enclosure for it, but due to some complications I cannot run my printer for long periods of time.

I’ve tried breaking down one of the official bambu lab cases into individual parts so that I can make it in several short runs but I’ve had all kinds of problems with bed adhesion and warping as it’s not designed to be printed like this.

Prints tend to fail late so I’ve wasted a lot of time and filiment, and rather than waste any more I think that it would be easier to find a maker group who can print it off for me on a commission basis, and I can figure out how to use this printer with something more basic as an enclosure is probably not a good starter model.

Can anyone recommend a maker group based on the uk that accepts commissions, and is reasonably cheap, I’ve looked at commercial printers but they aren’t economical for just one print, at least not the ones that I’ve seen.

There used to be “print it forward” groups to help make printers; someone would print you the printed parts for a printer, and in return you would commit to print printed parts for a few new people. However, folks that do that are generally more on the open source side and probably don’t intersect strongly with Bambu’s user base, Bambu having very much gone the proprietary route…

They’d hold my choice of printer against me?

  1. I don’t know whether those groups are active any more
  2. Their purpose was to promulgate open source hardware

That’s not “holding it against you” it’s just “not what they were trying to do”