Laser Frame DIY expansion

I sure hope I’m in the right topic forum. I have a Sculpfun S6 and really enjoy it, it meets all the needs that “I” have from a laser setup except one thing, it is way too small. This setup is basically 400x400mm and I need to go to about 400x600m but that isn’t an option for a kit. Using the extruded aluminum sections out there (which are kind of basic framing for most of these units, does anyone know of a DIY page out there? I can get the frame railing but assume I’d need to longer control cables and of course the rubber gearing track that sits in the frame rails. I know what I want to do and I know it’s easy I just need a little help on finding laser parts/accessories to get this done.

How similar are the S6 and S9? Are they just different laser heads?

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My laser is a lot like the S6. But it has 3D printed parts instead of 3mm Aluminium brackets .! am starting with 1 Meter x 1 Meter, and I’ll cut it down shorter if it has step problems. I’ll be using an ATX 390 watt computer PSU as I have several and they push a NEMA 17 stepper ok with slower speeds.


Essentially yes, built off of the same mechanical platform

Definitely worth asking in that thread where the OP found it, then! :relaxed:

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