Laser Cutting Designs

Unique Design, made of .120 birch, gun stock colored stain, semi gloss finish.



Very cool! Thanks for sharing.

Thank you,

more coming

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Unbelievably cool! Cannot wait to see what else you come up with.

Thank You more coming

Did you send me your email? went to send file & could not find it. My email is send me an email, I will attach the file send it back

If you can’t upload it here, please let me know what the filename is and I can modify the configuration.

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Hi Michael,
What is this in reference to?

I was wondering about instead of providing your email and mailing the file to folks, just uploading it here. There is a list of allowed extensions for uploading files, and if we need to add another one I’m OK with doing that.

I do enjoy sharing my stuff, but I like doing it on a one on one of my choice. I got burned many time on mass downloads, I find my ideas being sold on the net all the time.

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