K40 power lost

hello is there someone that can help me please?

my laser is a k40 40w
the laser has lost his power, so i open the machine where the lasertube is.
when i touch the lasertest button, then is there only a beam in the tube and not true de mirrors

so i open de elektro kast and touch the test button and then is there the beam true the mirrors
how can i solve this?

laser beam

Open cover
Put a target on the first mirror.
Close the cover
Push the test button on the Laser Power Supply (LPS)
Open the cover
Retrieve the target and post a picture of it here.

To add a bit to @donkjr suggestion … here is how I set my machine up… sometimes a visual helps. I cut targets out of water color paper.

Use a light touch. Showing us a hole isn’t really helpful… Less power allows you to see the power distribution across the beam, know as the TEM mode or resonance.

If it isn’t in TEM00 mode, it will never align or work properly.

I assume the color you see when the tube lases is pink? Looks off in the video?

Good luck


afther tape shot
tape shot

i did what you ask but the laser dont touch the first mirror

How long did it pulse?

It looks like you have a tube failure…

Let @donkjr advise you from here, he knows these much better than I…

Please don’t double post, it just adds confusion.


oops i did it wrong i pulse with de laser test button
i do it right now again with the test button
and so sorry for the double post

tape shot
afther tape shot
these are done to the right way
with 8% on the display

Do you mean with the button-up on the panel?

This means that you used the button down on the LPS?

Does this mean that when you use the “Test” button on the LPS it burns the tape but when you use the “Laser Test” button on the panel it does not?

Please post a picture of your control panel.

Yes that’s right only when I touch the testbutton
Picture control unit below

Do you have a Digital volt meter and know how to use it?

Pleas post a picture of the front and back of your panel.

Hi donkjr
First Thanks that you will help me :pray:

I have a digital display
Look the pictures

Do you have a Digital volt meter and know how to use it?

Ooo right
No I don’t have a digital volt meter and don’t exactly how to use

I ask my neighbours for a digital volt meter

You mean a picture from the Backside of the machine?

Or wich panel you mean?

the back side of the control panel…

Do you have the “Laser Switch” ON when you press the “Laser Test Switch”?

Yes of course :blush:

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Does that unit have a water flow sensor?