K40 for sale, UK

I’m in the throes of building a laser cutter in the chassis of an older machine, and my K40 is somewhat in the way. Is there anyone in the Milton Keynes / Cambridge / North London area interested in buying it, cheap ? It probably needs some work as it currently doesn’t cut well but I’m unsure if that’s due to tube / optics / lack of air assist. One for the experimenters rather than noob users, and unlikely to be worth the effort/cost of transporting further.

I’m interested, PM’ed

Got your PM and replied : did that get to you ?

No unfortunately! Can’t see it in my inbox.

@artag I (as admin) don’t see a response, FYI.

I replied to the email that the forum sent me, so maybe that doesn’t redirect correctly : I’ll try via the forum PM instead

I don’t regularly test the reply by email feature, so if it failed I might not notice.

It looks like there has been some sort of failure. Not yet sure the cause.

Edit: I didn’t see an obvious cause of the failure but I also see that emails have not been delivered for weeks. I rebuilt the mail exchanger. We’ll see whether that helps.

…and yes, it looks like the floodgates have opened and I see that the extra message sent by email has been delivered. Sorry about the extra copy!