K40 arriving, parcel inspection questions

Sorry for the onslaught of questions everyone.

My K40 has been shipped. It is coming to me via UPS from Perth Amboy, NJ. What should I do to inspect the package? What if there is significant damage to the package? Do I need to open the box before I “accept” it? I have never ordered something this fragile from a place like Alibaba before.

I think an onslaught of questions is great! :grin:

The usual advice I’ve seen has been to refuse shipment if the outside is visibly damaged. I don’t think you can open a package without first accepting delivery. In practice when they leave the package on doorstep without signature required and I see damage to the packaging, I take lots of pictures of the damage before opening since there wasn’t an option to refuse delivery.

My experience with aliexpress, at least, was when a shipper sent defective goods, they were useless, and I never got any recompense for the defective shipment. Complaints on eBay, by contrast, have been resolved, to my recollection.

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The reason I went with this seller is the number of people that said that if they had any issue at all with their product/shipment, the vendor did a great job of making it right.

Thanks for the photo advice.