It's going to take way too long until I get my burning man pictures

(Marc MERLIN) #1

It’s going to take way too long until I get my burning man pictures done, so I’ll post this picture with @chad_steinglass who gets credit for randomly finding me in a crowd after I had just turned my shirt and pants off to avoid blinding people around who were about to watch a show.

(Leon Yuhanov) #2

You guys are the best!

(Yves BAZIN) #3

Looking good guys !!!

(Marc Miller) #4

Awesomeness :]

(Steve Anken) #5

Love the dodecahedron.

(Marc MERLIN) #6

@Steve_Anken yeah, I was sad not to see the jacket @chad_steinglass spent so long on, but his backup outfit was really cool too :slight_smile:

(Marc MERLIN) #7

I’m not sure how many times he got stopped at burning man, but it was an average of 10 to 20 times per night for me. Top questions:

  1. where did you buy it?
  2. did you make this?
  3. can I have one?
  4. how much did it cost?
  5. how big are the batteries?
    Answer for #5: 160Wh which easily covers a 10 to 12H night running continuously.

And the last one, not a question

  • this is so cool
  • awesome
  • well done
(chad steinglass) #8

Great to finally meet you in person @Marc_MERLIN

I continued to have power problems with my big vest… so it goes. Still had a great burn with plenty of lights, and my top hat kept me bright. I’ll post pics sometime soon - including of the infinity staff that is one of my favorite pieces :slight_smile:

(Leon Yuhanov) #9

@Marc_MERLIN LOL I get the same kinda response at festivals, make up a little business card with those exact Q & As and hand them out, its hilarious!

(Marc MERLIN) #10

@Leon_Yuhanov Yeah, I’ve really been thinking about making cards too. I’m also considering adding buttons on my remote to scroll the answer to those questions on my shirt :slight_smile:

(Marc MERLIN) #11

@chad_steinglass by the way, what power problems are you having, can I help?

(chad steinglass) #12

@Marc_MERLIN I think just a connection somewhere - physical and not technical. But, though I did have my soldering iron on playa, I didn’t have my multimeter to pinpoint where the problem was. Probably damaged in transportation, as it worked great when I packed everything up in nyc.

(Marc MERLIN) #13

@chad_steinglass argh, sorry to hear that. You should have told me then, I actually carry a multimeter in my fanny pack for my shirt, including extra wires and a small swiss army knife to fix such wiring issues, as they do indeed happen.

(Marc MERLIN) #14

You can get small ones like this one (although this one is garbage, but you get the idea): I have one of those, and maybe you can find even smaller since usually all you really need is a continuity tester and volt meter:

(chad steinglass) #15

Will definitely add a small basic multimeter to next year’s playa toolbox!

(chad steinglass) #16

My controller wasn’t getting power… and without that it was hard for me to tell if the problem was at the battery, the voltage regulator, between there and the LEDs, or between the regulator and the controller. I prob could have found one or done a process of elimination… but I decided that spending less playa time soldering and more exploring was in my best interest :wink:

(Marc MERLIN) #17

@chad_steinglass yeah, I hear you on that. I had to spend over 2h unpacking/fixing/re-solding/playa proofing my 64x64 matrix and I really wanted to go out and play instead :slight_smile:
My bike had its color RGB strip (not neopixel) break within days when I was leaning it against stuff, but thankfully I had planned for that and powered it from both ends, so it kept working around where it was broken, so I saved that.
My shirt finally had a wire break on temple burn night, but I was able to fix it on the playa in 3 to 4mn with the swiss army knife and keep going.
Now that I’m home, I have a lot of real fixing and re-soldering to do, though.

(Yves BAZIN) #18

@Marc_MERLIN you should set up an ‘electronical black-smith’ station next year. I guess you’ll get a lot of people.

(Dougal Campbell) #19

Love that staff! I wonder if I have time to steal that idea before Halloween?

(Marc MERLIN) #20

@Yves_BAZIN I could, there is already a mcguyver camp, and bike fixing camps, but the main problem is that I’d have to be there most of the time when actually I spend pretty much every non waking hour away from my camp to look at other stuff when I’m at burning man, and then writing up crazy reports like you can find on :slight_smile: