It's going to take way too long until I get my burning man pictures

@Marc_MERLIN I am sure that if I would have been there I will be at base camp only to recharge battery :wink: otherwise being out and around

@Yves_BAZIN recharging and sleeping indeed. During my first burning man, there was no power at my camp (burning man does not offer power, including at center camp), so I went around with my laptop backpack and when I found a sound camp and/or a party running on a generator, I would join the party and plug in my laptop and camera batteries to recharge.
Most camps still don’t have power, but the one I was at, did (big generator). I did try to use solar panels and a big battery, but only made half the power that I used to recharge all my batteries.
I have written up a post on how to do DC DC charging for best efficiency:
My solar panels made 800Wh during the week, and I ended up using 2450Wh during that same week, only for battery charging. Whoops :slight_smile:
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Vs amount produced. Will need more solar panels next time if I want to be efficient.
This is a good reminder though that our little LED toys are power hungry…
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