Is there any open source tool similar to Grasshopper for Rhinoceros CAD?

For reference, this is what I’m talking about:

Also, note to admins: do you think we should add some kind of category for CAD applications and questions?

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I think we could add one. Consider it done.

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@SirGeekALot, there are other environments that use a patching paradigm but they are more geared towards audio/video like Max/MSP or PureData (open source) Some of these support 3d files but it’s more rendering than editing. Apparently there are some attempts to create something similar to Grasshopper for Blender:


Please, check this

Anandamide looks potentially interesting, but it’s been over 5 years since there was an update, and 7 since any meaningful activity — not seeing a release, and compiling might be complicated since it references QTCreator 5.6+.

There are some other developments along these lines since:

there are a couple of others, but those are the highlights.

As noted at:

I’ve been using BlockSCAD, exporting to OpenSCAD/RapCAD, and working from there — if you can use an STL, you can use BlockSCAD directly.


To add to the Blender point, this is a constraint based geometry sketcher for it:

And this is a repo of extra Blender addons for CAD:

Both seem well regarded, and the first seems to be getting a lot of active development. :slight_smile:


A new development in this space is:

which exposes all of OpenSCAD.


News here: There’s a new fork of pyqt-node-editor, under development, that might be interesting here.

Lots more in its dedicated FreeCAD forum thread:

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Here’s the workbench being built on top of that:

Its associated FreeCAD forum topic:


A new program for this list:

based on:


Unfortunately, the tutorial page seems to have been taken over by some commercial venture.