Incomplete burn

I have the cheap Chinese Lx7 which for my general hobby is as a retired person is okay. I’m trying to do a favour for a friend to engrave a piece of wood about 6 x 9 inch. It only get thru about one quarter of the burn then freezes up !!! What may cause this ???

What error message or other messages show up in the console of your control software?

note: often problems are from poor/cheap USB cables, operating system screen/etc timeout, stepper driver overheating.

Thanks Doug, I didn’t get any error msgs. The first time it happened my laptop went to sleep so I set it to never sleep. I will check the usb cable. I was wondering if the size of the file had anything to do with it ? Would a large file make too much processing for the machine to handle ?

It stops moving the laser head, not just burning, right?

What control software are you using?

There’s not much to do for checking the USB cable — testing another cable to see if it is different is usually the first option.

Hi michael, I’m just using the software that came with the machine. It’s not that great and the board is limited. I would like to install another board , but I really don’t have the knowledge on what to get.etc. When the unit stops in its tracks the laser stops too. Maybe the drive motor get hot but why I couldn’t guess. AND also to add to my problems , my son in law brought over a CNC machine ( x-Carve) which his brother had bought the kit but gave up finishing assembly a couple of years ago.

much of the parts are missing, like the controller board and some side panel plates. The motors are in place and wired to the frame. Is there a generic controller that I can get and use it to finish the machine, also x-carve seems to want to push their software called “easel” which needs to be rented from them. Is there some way I can run my own software with a affordable controller board ??? Not sure of the best way to approach this additional project as parts from x-carve can be expensive from what I have checked on their site. I am in canada and parts are in the U.S. so the added expense of 30% extra on exchange rate is also a killer.

It’s normal for the stepper motors that move the X and Y to get hot.

We don’t all have that machine, so you’ll have to help us help you. We don’t necessarily know what software ships with the machine.

You might want to try Lightburn to control it. It has a free trial and isn’t super expensive, and for that controller you can use the less expensive version.

And I’d definitely try different USB cables.

For the x-carve, that’s doable too. But when you want to start working on that, please open a separate thread in CNC Routers and ask for help there, so that there aren’t two unrelated conversations in the same thread. It makes it easier to keep track of that way.

Okay thanks for the reply I’m going on vacation for a month out east so I may have to continue this problem when I get back but thanks for your efforts to this point. I will post my comments for my x-carve cnc as you mentioned on the CNC forum thanks for that. Will see you angels in about a month !!!