Im a newby or just a thicky

Hi , Alan here . I have bought a vigotec bx20 L7 . It says press button on top to start but there are two one has sw 1 and one has sw2 . Also one is marked PMW/TTL and the other has a picture looking like a gun sight
. I am new to this and 71 plus a Brit so any help with what you do with these buttons would help .
Cheers in advance and stay safe im in lockdown at moment .
P.s lockdown is confined to home not prison. Lol

Can you provide more info and pictures of what buttons your are referring to?

Hi Don cheers for reply.

i hope i have done this right .

Note: this machine is a threat to your eyes, without proper protection you can permanently destroy your vision. I strongly suggest you add a cover and interlocks.

I am not familiar with this engraver.
Perhaps @DenHerrRing can help, I see that he posted about the same machine.

Meanwhile, where does it say this? Some context for what you are reading may help figure this out.
I think those buttons are on the head?

Also, I do not know if you already looked but there are some videos on this unit on YouTube that may help. I could not find anything that talked about these buttons.


Yes the buttons are on the head I I just found out the sw1 is for weak light and the other is full power . I will look on utube again . Thanks pi for your input anyway . Stay safe .
Ps I wear glasses and also wear laser googleA over them .

I ve bought VG L7 but not sure which power was given whether BX 5 /15/20 hea as it was quite ambigous the acual spec… Where do I correctly see the actual power head given. Many Thanks .

Hi Alan you had any luck with the sw2 button? I press it and the laser stays on and if you burn for example the transformer logo it will leave track marks and not turn off between sections! And it runs grbl 1.1with the alternate firmware with it so i am going to try lightburn

Have you used $32=1 to enable laser mode?