Im a newby or just a thicky

Hi , Alan here . I have bought a vigotec bx20 L7 . It says press button on top to start but there are two one has sw 1 and one has sw2 . Also one is marked PMW/TTL and the other has a picture looking like a gun sight
. I am new to this and 71 plus a Brit so any help with what you do with these buttons would help .
Cheers in advance and stay safe im in lockdown at moment .
P.s lockdown is confined to home not prison. Lol

Can you provide more info and pictures of what buttons your are referring to?

Hi Don cheers for reply.

i hope i have done this right .

Note: this machine is a threat to your eyes, without proper protection you can permanently destroy your vision. I strongly suggest you add a cover and interlocks.

I am not familiar with this engraver.
Perhaps @DenHerrRing can help, I see that he posted about the same machine.

Meanwhile, where does it say this? Some context for what you are reading may help figure this out.
I think those buttons are on the head?

Also, I do not know if you already looked but there are some videos on this unit on YouTube that may help. I could not find anything that talked about these buttons.


Yes the buttons are on the head I I just found out the sw1 is for weak light and the other is full power . I will look on utube again . Thanks pi for your input anyway . Stay safe .
Ps I wear glasses and also wear laser googleA over them .