If your printer isn't integrated with slack,

If your printer isn’t integrated with slack, I don’t know what you’re doing


Er… no. “Your” is correct.

I’ve not yet found a good reason to be told when a print is finished. I know how long a print is going to take (within a few minutes) before it starts, so if it’s important I can just make a note of that time or set a reminder on one of the many devices I carry around with me.

@Jon_Gritton “your” in this sentence construct is
N O T used correctly. See this all the time. Right is
“You’re” for you are

yep, it should be you are… thank you internet

@Jon_Gritton it will also notify you if something went wrong

Sorry @Wylie_Atkinson how is “you are” correct in this sentence? “If you are printer isn’t integrated…”? It’s not “you are”, it’s “your” printer, as in the printer that belongs to you. It would be “you are”, if the sentence was “If you are not integrating your printer with slack…”, but that’s not the sentence.

The first instance of your is correct the second isn’t. “… I don’t know what you are [not your] doing.”

@Jon_Gritton Second word from the end of the sentence, mate. I imagine it was originally ‘your’ before it was corrected.

Ah… the perils of an edited post. I didn’t spot the one at the end of the sentence when I first posted, and by the time I posted again, it’d been corrected, so I thought your first comment @Jim_Benson was about the first “your”. Sorry.

I’m wondering why the EFI fiery controller doesn’t integrate with slack.

Hi @lore1! This is content that was imported to Maker Forums from Google+ when Google shut down Google+ (thus the gplus label), and the user you are trying to converse with has not yet logged into Maker Forums, so they won’t get notification of your question, sadly. :frowning:

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