I want it, but where would I put it? 800mm * 800mm * 1000mm Printing Size

elegoo orange small

You would use it to print a table for itself and a chair to sit on while you watched it? :rofl:

Love the tiny roll of filament at the top of that picture, as if 1kg (or less, I can’t really tell) makes sense with that volume! And the hot ends are only 60W. That seems undersized when CHT pro 115W hot ends are available and fast printing is very much enhanced by extra power. :confused:

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Yeah, there are a few design decisions in there that don’t make sense to me. I’d love to see someone apply a bit of lateral force on the top side bars of the frame. I suspect that it’s floppy with no angle supports.

I guess the logic is that if you can afford the filament to feed it, you can afford a big white room to put it in :person_shrugging:

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