I think it's this outdated firmware on my TinyG that's causing the problem.

I think it’s this outdated firmware on my TinyG that’s causing the problem. The info I read said the 440.14 firmware that I’m running has all kinds of problems and I really need to update to 440.15 or higher to get reliable performance from my machine. I tried to update the firmware and got the light to blink on the TinyG but this came up (see pic) instead of a normal progress bar and when I cut again Chilipeppr said I still have 440.14 and need to update. Please help me figure out how to update my firmware.

Running SPJS 1.83?
Follow this thread : https://plus.google.com/117042856481931409919/posts/PEJAqbhpy6y

I planned to use a RP2 but my friend that helped me set this up moved away with it and he will send it back to me when he gets it figured out. What do you mean do it through my Raspberry Pi? Do what? I’m desparate to get this updated I’m temped to buy another TinyG with updated firmware and just swap it out! At wits end

I would agree!!!

I can not find them anywhere!

@Steven_O_Neill Steve, if SPJS is running on a RasPi, then the programmer is running on Ras Pi; the programmer process runs as a child to SPJS, therefore runs in the SPJS hardware.
The ability to run firmware updates is a new feature of SPJS 1.83. If you are unable to make it work (I think you are running SPJS on Windows), then you can try this stand alone procedure : https://groups.google.com/d/msg/devtinyg/B9xSJaupzNQ/r2IM0nckBgAJ

If you do that, make sure SPJS is shut down (terminated, not connected to the tinyG serial port)

Thank you very much!!! I’m trying that now, I really appreciate the info!

Do make note that using the direct procedure, you have to reset tinyG then run avrdude (with a Enter) while the bootloader is still running (3-5secs)

Ok, on it! thank you again!

Please clarify SPJS

@Steven_O_Neill Not sure what you might be asking. The procedure outlined in https://groups.google.com/d/msg/devtinyg/B9xSJaupzNQ/r2IM0nckBgAJ is run in a Windows cmd window and has no connection to Chilipeppr.The Com port must not be in use, the best way to ensure that is to terminate the SPJS process.

@Steven_O_Neill you had contacted me about updating the TinyG, the guys I was going to reference is @cmcgrath5035 which is attached here, @Riley_Porter_ril3y which mentioned in a another post he was in Vegas if you needed assistance (and the maker of TinyG), and @Eclsnowman who recently updated his via Carl’s instructions provided above.
I myself am running the same version you are and have not updated yet (probably wont till chilipeppr or SPJS stops working with it) and don’t have any issues. I tend to not like updates but all our DIY stuff requires sooner or later.

I do know @Eclsnowman had to do some fancy foot work, not finding the post he mentions this in.

I desperately need this issue resolved. I’m drowning over here!

I thought I responded already…had same problem updating. Used updater left side of chilipeppr ui. Had to restart json 1.83 and reconnect twice to TinyG in order to update.

Use this method using AVRDUDE. No other method would work for me, but this one did.


This looks like the same issue I described in Kurt Schuppert’s thread that I experienced. When that happens (if the verify failed is coming back immediately) it has nothing to do with SPJS or anything. What’s happening is if you notice you can choose between the two firmwares, edge or stable. No matter which you pick, the STG Updater downloads both firmwares, and when it tries to read the version number of the “Edge” package, it fails, there’s no matching version property, it throws an undefined or a verify failed error, but it’s not because of the process getting the file from online, and not because your board or firmware is bad, or because you necessarily have your COM port in use (although those could complicate the matter of course.) In order to get passed this, I had to use the avrdude update method described here:

For those who are curious about the source of the bug, if you launch the Syntheos TinyG Updater from a command prompt, you can see where it downloads both images and fails on the Edge firmware, before it actually tries to write anything it downloaded to the TinyG.

I’m not sure if this is a problem on any other OS than windows, but I’m thinking maybe the Edge firmware the STGU is pointed at is a bad build or something.

Ok, So I got it updated and I backed up my parameters but they’re gone. I can’t find them in my PC anywhere so now I’m back to square one. TinyG with new firmware has no idea what it’s attached to and I don’t know how to set it all back up again. Now I’m in worse shape then before!

@Steven_O_Neill1 leave jerk and acceleration alone for now.

Concerning calibration.

Set X and Y at 40mm/rev and Z at 8.

Strap a fine tip pen to the spindle.

Draw a 12" x 12" square in your CAD and transfer to CAM. In your CAM set it to engrave this square.

Set your Z height by hand, the Z is exactly 8mm/rev as its on an 8pitch ACME.

Run the program.

Measure the square.

Reduce X and Y step/mm by .1.

Repeat the run program, measure.

You should be able to iterate this process and dial in the X and Y to perfection.

Hope this helps. I decided to update tonight to be able to assist as well and am stuck in the same boat with you brother. Back to the calibration drawing board.

Thanks to those who posted the update procedure above. Very helpful!

If you’re certain you backed up the settings, and you used the settings widget to archive them, but can’t find them in the common places like your downloads folder, maybe you accidently clicked another folder when saving them. You can always try searching your drive for files modified in the past day. There might be a alot of them there, but if order them by size it should be easy to pick out. Look for one maybe about 10k, mine was named 2015-8-6_20t35t7_tinyG_440.18.conf, you might try looking for files named tinyg too if you kept the default name.