I need help I use Laserweb4 and arduino uno with GRBL 1.1 for engraving.

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I need help
I use Laserweb4 and arduino uno with GRBL 1.1 for engraving.
Now I want to connect the co2 laser to the Arduino Uno.
Who can help?
If i connect according to this scheme, the laser will work correctly?

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@P_Mido what do you mean by F

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Following … Because im interested in this subject

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I think the pin out for GRBL in Arduino has changed, research for that speacially for 1.1

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@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty Maybe you know what you need to connect? I use grbl 1.1

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Cannot search at the moment. But look for spindle connect on GRBL 1.1 arduino

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Unfortunately I can not find. Searched the entire internet.

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Be warned- the laser fires full power at 0 volts and grbl sends 5 volts for full power. You can configure the grbl software to flip the behavior but the laser will still fire for a split second while the arduino starts up. I added a simple transistor circuit (found through this group) to flip the voltage around. Im much happier with this from a safety point of view.

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@Tom_Traband Thank you very much for writing. I want to protect myself too. Maybe you know where to find information to connect?

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@Tom_Traband I found in your post where you talk about it. But I do not understand where you connect transistor

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I use arduino uno and CNC SHIELD.
GRBL 1.1 and the program Laserweb4.
I’m trying to connect the power supply, but I can not.
Help solve this problem please

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Found my own old post. On April 9th I linked back to this article

Look for the section on the Laser Logic Board. This is working perfectly for me but I’m using Lightburn instead of Laserweb.

Now if i could find a way to clamp a dial indicator on the head so I could fine tune the 3d printed motorized z table…

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It’s not needed to invert the pwm signal. Just use the TH input of the power supply instead of th IN. TH is active high, IN is active low.
More precise: TH and TL are activating the tube (digital) and IN is defining the power (0-5V).
You also need to connect the Ground of LPS and Arduino.