I can't load mks sbase firmware

hi forum, i got mks sbase v1.3, i want to load firmware (cprezzi) and i can’t, i downloaded mks_sbase_firmware-bin, i copied files inside mini sd 2gb formatted in FAT, i renamed firmware.bin file, i removed secure hardware usb, I put sd in mks and connected usb cable, led D3 and D2 start flashing slowly and then loudly, then a white window opens where I see firmware.bin file, where am I wrong?
PS:i only connected mks sbase with usb, no motors, no power supply

EDIT:finally i managed to load grbl-lpc, i changed sd, formatted in FAT32, $ 140 and $ 141 is right 0.6A for k40 motors? does it seem a little 0.6 amps?

The Y stepper is a 1A motor, but the X stepper is rated for 0.48A, in typical K40s. You can take pictures of the writing on your steppers and ask for help decoding it if you want.

Also check the grbl setup guides I have written:

i loaded cprezzi firmware on mks grbl.lpc, it works with some problem, i want to try to load cprezzi smoothieboard firmware on mks, when i insert sd into mks, windosw10 doesn’t see it, i tried to change device management driver (smoothieboard usb serial), w10 still does not see sd inserted into the mks

PS:is it normal when i load your smoothiboard firmware on mks and when i open ugs it sees it as grlb 1.1f?
now i understand, grbl-lpc firmware for mks and smothiebord are the same

My firmware is not Smoothieware but GRBL for Smoothie compatible boards (LPC 176x MCU). Grbl-LPC is completely different from Smoothieware!
It only supports serial over USB, but no SD card drive. If you want to read or write to the card, you have to eject it from the board and put it into a SD slot/reader on the PC.

It is correct that grbl-LPC reports as grbl 1.1f.

My firmware is not Smoothieware but GRBL for Smoothie

I understood later too, thanks for the reply