How should I start fault finding on mini display that keeps flashing on\off?

I know that this is a little vague, but I have a no-brand 9" display and a no-brand control board that I got from AliExpress. They didn’t come with any instructions.

This unit

I’m attempting to use them to create a case-mod that will display a cycling wallpaper using DMT as the software on Windows 10. It’s display 3 of 3. Display 1 is DP, display 2 is HDMI

The display is connected to a 3amp used power supply and an HDMI cable.

Sometime when I turn my PC the display comes on as expected, other times the back light flashes on every few seconds but nothing else. I need to pull the power and the HDMI out of the board to get it to run. If I pull the power or the HDMI at source, then it still just flashes.

Sometimes when I turn one of the other monitors off, the same happens. The screen goes black and the back light flashes every few seconds.

I wonder if my PC might be trying to send it too high a refresh rate, but I don’t know the native rate.

I wonder if it’s not getting enough power, as if I try to use a longer lead on the power it also flashes like this (It won’t turn on at all if I use a USB extension cable, or a longer 5.5mm cable).

How should I start fault finding?

I’ve already confirmed that Windows can see the display.

You can try lowering refresh rate, updating drivers, and adjusting control board settings. Also maybe tweaking power settings might help.

Windows doesn’t actually offer me any of those options, at least not that I’m aware of. It gives me a fixed refresh rate of 60hz, and plug and play drivers only.

I don’t know where to begin adjusting the setting on the board as it’s jumper based and I have no instruction manual. There are no software setting in the OSD for resolution or refresh rates.

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My problem turned out to be that the psu spec Ed by the seller was too low. When I tried a significantly better one it ran no problem.