Hi. I wrote a little Moshidraw file converter that some of you might find

Hi. I wrote a little Moshidraw file converter that some of you might find useful.

Even though I have a Smoothieboard too (on a switchable adapter board), I still use MoshiDraw a lot. Since they added DXF import over a year ago, there isn’t a lot of downside since I can still do my primary drawing in Inkscape but still do quick projects or last minute adjusments in Moshidraw. The only downside is that I haven’t been able to migrate those projects or changes back into inkscape… until now.

I looked into the .mdr file format that Moshidraw saves in, and was pleased to find that it is a largely self-documenting text file. So I whipped up a quick command line utility in perl to convert moshidraw files to svg, and compiled it to a standalone windows 32 .exe command line utility.

Moshi2SVG inputfile.mdr outputfile.svg


  • This is a work in progress. Right now it converts just the raw geometry, but skips most things like layers, groups, colors and fills. I dunno how important the rest of those things are.

  • Basic text comes over kinda close, but sizing and transformations work differently so they’re not exact. I didn’t try circular text, but you might be able to convert text to a path in Moshidraw first before conversion to get a more faithful conversion.

I pushed up both the source code in perl and the compiled .exe at http://www.tealpoint.com/_vince/k40

please illustrate how to convert in cmd
please explain full process

Hi @130_Yash_Shrivastava! This is content that was imported to MakerForums from Google+ when Google shut down Google+ (thus the #gplus label), and @Vince_Lee has not yet logged into MakerForums, so he won’t get notification of your question.

any way to contact him

Looking at the website which is his company, I found this link that you might be able to contact him by


I was going to ask Vince why he’d not considered doing a plugin for Inkscape instead of a stand-alone converter but your post pointed it out this is a really old post. Speaking of old, Vince created TealPoint back in the PDA era of the late 90s and early 2000s. It was a good time before Palm became 3Com and they closed their system with hardware redesigns obsoleting products in just months and floundering after purchasing BeOS and then imploding. For a short period of time that was a fun sector to be a part of and then The Evil One stepped in… BTW, I have insider info in this segment too.


Yeah, I think I came across this back in the day and was going to ask about such things, the actual scripts he posted are no longer there. This would be better done in python with the loading done in an inkscape plugin. But, also there’s not that many moshi users left. I think maybe 4 or so when I wrote an opensource driver for the board (I still don’t have rastering done correctly).