hi all! at the moment i building  new ledsuit for a dutch event.

hi all!

at the moment i building new ledsuit for a dutch event.
its my thirt one, but the first with neopixels.

500 neopixels running on a custom pcb and atmega 328 chip
programmed in an arduino.
still busy with programming. the video is just a short clip of the capabilitys
on my backpack i have 4 dip switchs for settings like eco, glamour and slow. right now programming a VU meter on a dip option.
when glamour or VU dip swiches are not active it will run the full programming
in the video my arms are not pixeled yet but by now they are working .
the suit is running on 6, 12v batterys in my backpack
again this is still in a design state. in the video my legs are not covered yet so the wires are exposed. at the moment my backpack is packed tight. so i dont have the big bump on my back anymore

if somebody is intrested to share some decent neopixel/fastled chases i would be realy happy.
string chases and matrix are welcome.
the full suit is 20x10 pixels on the front and 20x10 pixels on the back. the arms have 50 pixels each

with kind regards robbert

wow, that’s incredible! good job!

the event is in 5 weeks so i will upload some videos of the full project.
the suit can play for about 25-30 minutes without repeating the sequence.

Impressive suit! I like the swirling effect at 2:25.

(Paging @Robert_Atkins …)

maybe first download and then play video to see the full video speed. when i try to play in my browser it maxes out on 8-10 fps or so

Sensation white by chance?

Very impressive!

Not yet first carnaval to fully test it. And then the events.
My second suit. Was tested in the versuz. Most expensive club in belgium

My FunkyNoise code should be easy to adapt to your matrix size.

I just think the 328 will run out of RAM with several patterns which rely on a double screenbuffer and/or multiple noise fields. Do you have a Teensy 3.1 arround, too?

cool! what is the reason you have built this? shows?

First is hobby. Second some Dutch holydays (carnaval) . Thirt events haha
Carnaval is a 5 day event where everybody dressed up like something else. Like a pirate or soldier. But it’s mainly 5 days totally waisted drinking beer

Never worked with teensy. I used arduino for a year now just for basic controls and automation
My last project was a big coin pusher game. Witch can count coin input en pay out coins in the game and coins to win complete with light effects (neopixel) this was my first project with neopixels.
Still learning to code all of it.
right now the suit runs on a simple atmega328 chip on a pcb. Later tonight I will upload some detailed pictures.
If possible I will also share the code.
the code is on multiple tabs. Both fastled and neopixel library

If your open my video on Dropbox you can click to the left. There you will find some videos of the coin pusher game. Not the final result but you will get an idea

It just came to my mind that you should better use 8 bit noise functions on the 328, @Robbert_Loos . FunkyNoise is based on the 16 bit version. So it is basically the fillnoise function and most of the parameter handling that needs some modifications. You are welcome to ask in case you need any help with that. Btw. have a look at the Teensy specs - it is a cheap an fast little board with a lot of RAM. It would give you more freedom for creating sophisticated animations: https://www.pjrc.com/teensy/teensy31.html You can program it with the Arduino IDE if you like.

If you do switch to a Teensy, I’ve adapted and created a lot of patterns for a 32x32 matrix, I’d love to see them on your suit! :slight_smile: https://github.com/pixelmatix/aurora

can i program a teensy the same way as an atmega?, maybe i can mod my pcb. and will the same code i use now work on a teensy?

Yes and yes.

Hm yes, pardon you called…? Holy shit that’s awesome, @Robbert_Loos !

You seem to be pushing a lot of light there! You say 6 x 12V batteries, what kind? What kind of run time are you getting? I love the spirals going all the way down your body, that’s very cool.

I’ve got a bunch of patterns for my jacket here: https://bitbucket.org/ratkins/technocolourdreamcoat2014

Are you in Amsterdam?

(Also, I had only been here for a little while before someone asked me if my name had one “b” or two… :wink:

hi! yes the same for me. they always spell it wrong hahaha. im from valkenswaard. just below Eindhoven.
today i’ve uploaded a new longer video. also with noise effects!
im running on 6 12v, 7,2A batterys, i have not tested the life time yet but i expect about 4 hours till the battery run out. if i need longer i have dip switches on my batterypack to adapt settings like ECO mode. the brightness will go to 20%. please look at the new post!