Help with a Zbaitu controller

Hi all, I’m new here
I’ve recently bought Zbaitu S60 36W laser.
One day I switched from LightBurn to LaserGRBL and for some reason the machine settings are completely broken, not even the original file makes the machine react anymore.

I don’t know what board is this, but is shows as a MKS DLC32 :

Does anyone know how to restore the settings? Backups also don’t work

I’m sure nothing physical on the machine is broken, but not sure if the board itself has something burnt

Thanks to anyone answering, really can’t figure this out

Given that Zbaitu have posted spam here in the past (and we therefore have some spam protection in place targeted at them), they must be able to respond to support requests online too… :smiley:

Have you asked them?


yeah I had long conversations with them, they told me the board is a MKS232 but that brings me nowhere… it doesn’t seem to exist

Oh, but they weren’t willing to help, or send a new board if they weren’t able to come up with a fix?

There’s an MKS DLC32. I can’t tell from your picture whether it’s the same board. The first product listing I saw for it explicitly called out supporting both Lightburn and LaserGRBL.


did anything in that long conversation point you to the default firmware and default settings?
BTW, if it’s GRBL there are a couple of codes you can send it to flush out existing settings and restore the shipped defaults.

search this page for RST Grbl V1.1 Quick Reference –


Update :

They sent me another microcontroller board for free, I’ve just received recently and will install it soon.
They have a great post sales service to be honest

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Good to Hear you had help.
My 700 dollar laser engraver sits on my wall as a reminder of how bad zbaitu are in warranty issues.
I built one my self from parts for half the price .
I spent countless hours trying to explain that their 80w laser was not working .
They want lots of pictures …of it not working

Then a video of it not working …

Eventually We give up …just as we are predicted to do .