Help needed. K40 Board swap to smoothieware

Long story short - I have been using a K40 with all the stock hardware for 10 months but I did buy a smoothie ware v1.1 (?) board as I knew I would need to use Lightburn in the future for lots of reasons.
and now I am finally quite enough and have the time I can do the swap. I have been trying to find/open the install instructions on but servers have been down and I don’t know when they will or if they will be back up.

so, I am asking for instructions how to wire this thing in. it should be simple, I have 12 wires in total.
4 blue coming from the PSU
4 white/red/yellow/blue from x stepper
4 white/red/yellow/blue from x stepper

Where do they go on the board???

I can not find any clear instruction for the board I have, and none were delivered with the board obviously. below are images which hopefully give context to my plea for help.

I will not ignore this post as I need to see this through, I am hoping I have not purchased or started something that cannot fit into the k40.

thank you all Kindly for reading.


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Two things.

Have you also purchased a separate 24V PSU? The integrated 24V supply in the laser power supply (LPS) in the K40 wasn’t designed for adding a smoothieboard. (If you need help selecting one, I suggest asking in the comments at What else do I need besides my K40? Requirements and Recommendations where we keep the recommendation to add one.)

The Internet Archive Wayback Machine may have captured a snapshot of what you need. If you have specific questions about the Smoothieboard itself, you can create a separate post in the #controllers:smoothie category to ask.

The X and Y steppers motors are connected to the A and B stepper drivers, respectively.

Please post a picture of the connection end of your LPS that shows the connectors and their labeling clearly.


I have a smoothie 5 so I do not know how it differs from yours.

What controller is currently in your machine?
How are your endstops and motors currently wired to the current controller?

Here is the last version of the schematic for my machine:

Start by looking at the schematic and this blog and then let us know what else you need?