Has anyone used a filament run out detector to pause smoothieware? If so,

Has anyone used a filament run out detector to pause smoothieware? If so, could you share how you did it?

use the filament out detector module as documented in the wiki http://smoothieware.org/filament-detector

OK, I was thinking more along the lines of a limit switch type.

that won’t work reliably you need to know if the extruder is running or not.

Should be reliable on a bowden setup.

well of you want to do it that way there is an example in the switch wiki

Thanks @Wolfmanjm Wolfmanjm

also the switch module method will not detect a jam whereas the filament module will.

Im still loving the smoothie…have a couple of older machines populated with it…smoothie site is down…where can I get the runout switch docs? Im fine with a switch…rarely ever get filament jams

You can either use the switch module and simply hook up any gpio pin to your switch eg…

switch.filamentout.enable                true                     # Enable this module
switch.filamentout.input_pin             1.30^                    # Pin where filament out button is connected
switch.filamentout.output_on_command     suspend                  # Suspend command

found here https://smoothieware.org/switch#examples

OR, much better, use the filamentoutdetector module and just hook up the bulge detector…



filament_detector.enable true # This module is activated only if this is set to True
filament_detector.encoder_pin nc # This is the pin the encoder is connected to. Must be an interrupt pin
filament_detector.bulge_pin 1.31 # OPTIONAL This is the pin the bulge switch is connected to. If this switch is triggered ( by a bulge in the filament ) and the filament is moving, this will trigger an alarm
filament_detector.seconds_per_check 2 # How many seconds between filament position checks, must be long enough for several pulses to be detected, but not too long
filament_detector.pulses_per_mm 0.5 # The number of pulses the encoder produces for every millimeter of filament movement
filament_detector.leave_heaters_on false # set to true to leave heaters on when suspended

Take your pick

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site is back up, sorry for the inconvenience.

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Thanks Arthur…was getting worried with site down
Great support :slight_smile:

Ill take a look at the second module…like I said, I dont think I have had a filament jam in a couple of years lol…next minute…???

Seems to be down again?

Until @Arthur_Wolf sees that and restores it, have you checked archive.org for it?