Has anyone here tried lightburn with their k40 or k50?

Has anyone here tried lightburn with their k40 or k50?

I bought it and it’s very good so far, but I can’t figure out how to consistently get the CD files to open when imported into LB. Has anyone come across this issue?

I do all my design in CD as I have done for yrs but instead of using rdw or corel laser…I’d like to export from CD in AI format…then import into LB. but some files open with no problems and others won’t…and there are some that open, I can preview in LB but the machine just beeps and doesn’t engrave.

Any ideas? Guidance…?
Not sure if it’s the fonts, AI conversion or something else entirely

Now k40 can be conected to LB directly. My Monport K40 lightburn can be compatible with Lightburn.

What controller do you have?

Last I heard, Lightburn doesn’t support the m2nano controller, though you can use Meerk40t’s ruida translation to allow Lightburn to run a k40 with an m2nano controller.

I think OMTech has an option for a “upgraded” controller board that works with Lightburn on their K40-style model.

I think it’s this guy (board) from OMTech… I think it’s this smoothie board… the pdf isn’t very clear on the wiring to the lps if you change it out.



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If I’ve learned anything about K40 machines it’s that none of them are alike. If you’re buying a “drop in” replacement and don’t know your way around what a circuit is, how to use a DMM and know how to solder then you need to look very closely at your connectors on your existing board and make darn sure they all are matched on the replacement board.

End stops and that ribbon cable some have can bite you.