Halloween 2023 Pumpkin box

Did some 3d doodling. No real plan just playing around with 3d modeling and seeing what comes out. Really happy with this model. In the printer now.

Also ported to a grey scale height map cnc pattern and it came out really clean.

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The organic supports on the pumpkin face make it look more evil…

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Really happy with the model and it does look eeevvvviiiil. lol

For any folks that want to cnc carve it.

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Printing done. Printing a second one for a gift.

Thanks. I may incorporate this into a carve.

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Halloween is my favorite holiday and every year I make a share a few cnc patterns. Here are the rest I made for this year.

Most sites have started compressing images and completely nerfed the patterns so I have re-posted on ArtStation .



Discourse does that to the small versions for display in order to make viewing faster, but I believe that if you click on the image and choose “Download image” at the lower right you get the original file.

Please let me know if that’s not the case!

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Thank you for the response. The main culprit is Pinterest. I have over a 100 patterns on there that were completely nerfed a couple of years ago.

I need to run a quick test and see what this site does but it may just be a format issue. I like to use uncompressed 16bit PNGs which not all sites support.

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Ran a quick test and can confirm the images are compressed though not nearly as bad as other sites.

Looked at png compressed and uncompressed, jpg compressed and uncompressed and webp. Tried tiff as well but not a supported format.

Not a huge deal. The image patterns can always be cleaned up before use.

I just want to make sure we’re talking about the same thing. If you click on the image and get into the image viewer, and then in the image viewer click the “Download image” link in the lower right, that image is altered from what you uploaded?

(I thought that was supposed to be the original, unaltered contents, not “optimized” in any way.)

Yes. Unless I am doing something weird. The images are labeled with their original size as uploaded. When you save them they are smaller in size. The last image is 2.97MB for example as uploaded.

Thank you!

I started looking into this, and was surprised to learn that I was wrong; “original” doesn’t actually mean “original” for images in Discourse.

Now I realize that this is probably a feature of Discourse that is intrinsic in it also doing stuff like filtering out metadata such as location data that easily turns into a privacy nightmare when people don’t realize that they’ve just uploaded the GPS coordinates for their house…

I’m glad that the files aren’t as badly butchered as you have seen elsewhere, but I wish I easily had a better answer. :cry:

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Again, thank you for looking into it.

For simple patterns not an issue at all.

It only impacts patterns with more intricate detail. The problem was I was oblivious to the fact that some sites (not this one) started “really” compressing the files.


Good catch @Oscar and @mcdanlj !:+1:
Something to take into account here and elsewhere.

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