Hall Effect control IC

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I need help. I build a Electro Steel Guitar with servo motors that do the job of traditional pulling rods. The guitar work great with no issues. So I decided to build another with a couple of upgrades. One of the upgrades I would like to replace the Pedal potentiometers with Hall Effect pick-ups. However all the modules and IC’s I tested up to now only switch on and off, no variable voltage. Do somebody know how to and with which IC or controller board?
Jacques AU

If you want sensitive control over a long range, I’d expect to use some form of converting linear motion to rotary motion and use an angular hall sensor.

If the pedal is on a pivot, you could measure the angle at the pivot. A 14-bit sensor has potential accuracy of 5 hundredths of a degree. You just need a diametrically-oriented magnet fixed to the end of the shaft and sensor next to it. The sensors themselves are available in the $1-2 range; boards like this are a bit more but can be fed straight into a microcontroller as-is. Just search any marketplace selling such boards, including Amazon, for AS5048 for 14-bit precision or AS5600 for 12-bit precision. There are other chips as well, but these will give you a starting point and they are widely available and widely used.

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Thanks for that. I ordered some just now. Seems to be what I need.

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Note that most round magnets are magnetized axially; one round face is north and the other is south. You have explicitly order diametrically magnetized instead, where the field is perpendicular to the faces. Here’s a reputable source in the US:

I wouldn’t know where to find them down under, though…