Hacking an LED light to single on/off instead of dim/strobe modes

This is the circuit board of a handy cheap LED light which my dad uses in his workshop. It has three modes (full light, dim light, flashing) but all he wants is on and off.

The driver chip has 2819 on it and I’ve attempted to find the datasheet but I’m not sure I ever found the correct one. I’m not skilled/knowledgeable enough to interpret the datasheet properly to solve this.

I found a couple of videos on YouTube where LED flashlights have been modded to have the strobe mode removed but of course they are not the same.

Could it be possible to bridge some connections on here to make this a simple on/off light?

This is the light from Poundland UK (actually costs £2).

These are drivers that use the SOT-23 6-pin footprint.


You might trace the pinout and see if it is pin-compatible with a different driver that has the function you want?