Guys, i'm having trouble with this printer of mine,

Guys, i’m having trouble with this printer of mine, i started building it way long before i discover the ingentis concept, i was just getting inspired by the ultimaker, lately i managed to adapt the bearing holding pieces that also carry the rods where the extruder goes.
My problem is that after wiring it all (i mean the belts principally) i cannot manage to move the assembly easily by hand, the translation is not smooth at all, and that is when i manage to translate.

my bearing are LM10UU (yes i have 10mm rods) and some 6000ZZ for holding the rods, standard GT2 belts, and printed pulleys that seems to do well the job, the motor holder is custom made.

Should i switch to brass oiled bushings? does they exist for 10mm or do i have to remake the whole assembly for 8mm?

Once you have everything in place (belts and motors) motion will become harder than before. Anyway, LM10UU are not designed for rotating axis but for linear motion. That is is why bushings are used.

There’s not much in the world with less friction than a steel ball on a hardened steel surface. The 10mm bearings you have should have very, very little friction. If they have, it’s because you have a faulty bearing.

Oh, I see… The shafts are rotating… Ignore what I said… Not applicable in your installation

10mm graphite-impregnated dry sintered bronze bush:

Yep. It’s the lm10uu bearings. Replace with bushings.

Take a look at HercuLien.

Very similar design principles. I like your x/y belt drive arrangement. I haven’t seen one like that yet.

You should probably switch to bushings. It looks like you’re using linear bearings, which don’t support rotation. I suspect this is why movement is inhibited. The bearings won’t last long if they’re forced to rotate on the shaft either. Nice looking machine though. 
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The lm10uu bearings on the middle crossbars are fine, as they don’t rotate.

@Shauki Well, the mechanic should be okay then.
@Miguel_Sanchez i suspected something with the bearings, but had no clue where on the bearing.
@Mike_Thornbury thanks for the link, you spared me a lot of candle light research :wink:
@Tim_Rastall thanks for the tip!
@Eclsnowman yep, i had a look not long ago, but i was at a late stage of printing the parts, had only the time to reuse the bearing and rod holder.
Like said before, the design was inspired by the ultimaker 2, with this small modification for the motor given i didnt want to implement another belt (trying to make some economies) or gears (which to be frank, i do not trust much my ability to get them right)
@Jason_Smith thank you!
@Stephanie_A Yep, i was planning on keeping those, thanks for the tip.
Thank you everyone for answering and helping, i am truly grateful, will post after modification.

@SalahEddine_Redjeb ​​ looks like it will be a great printer. Cannot wait to see it run.

Edit removed: incorrect info. That’s why I should stick to mechanical things and leave electronics to others… I tend to let the smoke out of mine.

@Eclsnowman Do you mean shorting the motor leads? (If so, no it won’t help the motor to move freely but the opposite, motor will become more difficult to turn then).

Do you guys think i should use one bush per side or two?

@SalahEddine_Redjeb ​ two bushings per side if you use misalignment bushings. They are a ball and socket internally. Or you could use a long 10mm graphite bushings like the ultimaker. But misalignment would be more likely if prints aren’t perfect:

Didn’t I already link to those, @Eclsnowman ? :slight_smile:

@Mike_Thornbury sorry. Just saw that.

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Hey man get rid of the printed pulleys. Robotdigg has them gt2 32t 2mm pitch. We crowd sourced to make that happen. Or if you want i can sell you some. I have extras. Pm me if you do.

Just out of interest, D Rob, why such a large pulley?