Getting started with CNC

I’m setting up my first CNC i have arduino based GBRL and i also have Planet CNC controller
I start learning setting up machine and CAD work using FreeCAD or Inkscape
While watching a video using FreeCAD it looks really hard to generate a gcode and plan all the route, I want to know is there some very simple and basic way to setup? Like i want to cut oval shape about 2 inch diameter and 5mm deep

I also want to know if i can do such CAD work using InkScape? i generated gcode for a 2D shape through InkScape and it was quite simple.

You are welcome to advise any other free CAD software that sound simpler for a beginner

If you are comfortable using FreeCAD for design but are having trouble with the Path module, I would strongly suggest Kiri:Moto. It has a Discourse forum and a Discord server. It is an open-source browser-based slicer for 3D printing, CNC routing, and laser cutting. Browser-based means it’s really happening in your browser, nothing goes to a server; all your data stays on your machine.

I think it’s possible to, for example, export your SVG from Inkscape as a PNG file with the right resolution and use that to control routing as a “depthmap.” I haven’t tried that so I am a poor source of information on how to do it.

I do know that FreeCAD can import SVGs: Import SVG and Convert to Sketch - FreeCAD Forum


if I were doing this I would create the sketch of the oval(if you want just the outline) and then pad to 5mm and export the STL. Then use Kiri:Moto to generate the toolpath.

If it’s a solid recess then IIRC there’s an additive menu for creating an oval of 5mm thick and again, export to STL and generate gcode in Kiri:Moto.