Getting software to use with my engraver

The recommendation by the manufacturer says LaserGrbl - it doesn’t work with Chromebook. I understand that LightBurn will work with my Chromebook if I use Linux, but I’m really a novice and don’t know how to make that happen.

Hi Linda,

You’ll need to give a bit more information for people to help.

Which laser engraver do you have?
Are you only limited to a Chromebook?

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I can’t find the name of the machine, I bought it through Temu (I know, don’t judge) and they recommended a brand that doesn’t work for Chromebook. Then I read that Lightburn would work, but I don’t understand about the Linux.

This forum has a wealth of talented creators who are happy to help.

Unfortunately, not knowing which machine you have has probably left you with a lack of responses.

Ya we really need something to go by for example we have to guess that your requirement is that the software runs on a Chromebook and it is a laser cutter/engraver( mentioned LightBurn ).

Besides that, figuring out what the communications protocol is between the laser(?) device and the compute device is impossible without more information. Maybe a picture of the machine and if you can get to it, a picture of the controller board on the laser(?).

As for Chrome OS, it’s basically just a web browser UI on top of linux, so your best option is probably to use an online application, the first I found is:

It’s possible to install and run a normal Linux distribution, such as Fedora or Ubuntu, in a container on a Chromebook. So that really opens up the options.

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