Gemitsu 4030 router bits?

Can someone please explain what each of the router bits that come with the Genmitsu 4030 are please? I have tried using two of the blue coloured ones (the smallest) and they barely touched the wood and broke. There was no documentation explaining how or what they should be used on, if you know I would appreciate your help thank you.

Suggest you post pictures of the bits you got, then you aren’t limited to people who got exactly the same package you got…

I found these pictures of the bits that were packed with the Genmitsu 4030 but the description that goes with them basically says they can be used for everything which clearly is not the case. The first to break was the thinest in the top picture with a 0.8 diameter, the second to break was the 1mm the cutting depth I sent to the machine was 0.5mm and it broke on contact the wood was a soft wood.

Long thin bits looks that need to turn very fast and move very slow. That 0.8mm bit is very fragile.

These are relatively cheap bits and so aren’t going to have cutting specifications you can just look up. High-end manufactures will tell you recommend “speeds and feeds” and provide “chip loads” for different materials — how much of the material each tooth should remove.

I’d recommend starting learning using the larger bits. Those are going to be more forgiving.

The good news, if I can call it that, is that breaking bits is a normal learning experience.

The main problem with the spindle turning too fast or moving the bit through the material too slowly is heating the material. Wood will char and smoke before catching fire…

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Thank you Michael, for your help. I have just now upgraded the router to a Dewalt DWP611 and brought some 1/4 bits hopefully I will have a little more success. Can you recommend some bits for the router?

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It really depends on what you are going to be making, honestly.

Can you describe what kind of work you want to do?