GCode cut order = floaters

Hi, I’m a real newbie to chillipeppr/TinyG but I have an issue which is driving me crazy. I’m really hoping for some help.
When I want to mill out a design the GCode tool path doesn’t seem to take into account that if it cuts the outside first everything inside it will then be free floating. Is there something simple that I’m not doing to specify order of cuts? Thanks in advance.

Change the order of operations in your CAM software, such as F360.

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And do not cut a part completely free, but instead place some tabs around to hold the part in place.

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Thanks for your reply @donkjr. I’ll investigate that a little further and try and generate the Gcode in F360 rather than relying on Chillipeppr to do it

Hi @cprezzi, that’s a good idea about the tabs! Adding them will keep everything in place - thanks!