GCode command to enter Feedhold?

Is there a way to insert a GCode command being executed on a TinyG that puts Chilipepper into Feedhold status? I tried just putting in a “!” but it was filtered out by Chilipepper. I want to start execution, then pause so I can check things out (like did the spindle turn on?), and then continue upon my command. Using the Feedhold/Resume capability would be nice, but if there’s any other way that could be OK too.

Not near my machine but isnt there are feedhold command in the UI? I know that I have used it before?

Yes there is, but I want the GCode, running on the TinyG, to “push the Feedhold button for me”, rather than me pushing the Feedhold Button on the Chilipepper widget to stop execution. If everything looked good on the GCode execution so far, then I would push the Resume button on the widget to continue the job. This all came about because I managed to launch a GCode run, but forgot to turn on the power to the spindle electronics. Wasn’t pretty.

Ah! I get what you are trying to do.

On mine I control the spindle power On/Off from the jobs gcode … and I have a spindle power enable switch and estop like function in the case something gets out of control.
I am using a spindle motor not a router.

As far as I remember, the hold command for TinyG is an ! and ~ to resume.

Looks like this is a Chilipepper question then! :slight_smile:

Yeah, you put in the standard M6 command in your Gcode. That is a tool change and everything understands it including TinyG and ChiliPeppr. It means ChiliPeppr and TinyG essentially play your Gcode up to there and then when it’s hit you get the chance to resume your job by unpausing it.

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Just tried it and it worked as you describe it: code runs until the M6 is encountered, it stops at that point with the “pause” box in the GCode widget highlighted, and when you click that box to deselect it, the code continues. It’s exactly what I was looking for.

The TinyG Wiki confused me on this point because it says the status for the M6 command is “No operation at this time”. That made me think it would do nothing. Thanks very much, John!