Gas mask for laser engraver outside?

Hi, Sorry is this maeby a noob questions, i am a bit new on this laser world, i have time using the laser outside in my closed backyard, when i use the laser, i noticed that the wood throw some gas and fumes, i was using a old gas mask that i have, but even with that i get very irritaded nose after using the laser… there is any gas mask that i can use for this purpose so i don`t worry for my healthy?

also i going to start using minwax stain, poluthurane finish, crystalac, paint and another finisheds, so the gas mask can work for both purposes?

i think i need a pair of P 100 Cartridge, but when i go to amazon there is multiples options for the same Cartridge , like :

Acid Gas
Ammonia Methylamine
Formaldehyde Organic Vapor
Organic Vapor Acid Gas

so with one should i pick?

also i am planing to work with a router and make some wood work, i think that for that i need a dust Cartridge, right? or i can use the same P 100 Cartridge? Thanks!

why not a filter for the laser and what are you using for air assist since you need to keep you lens clean and when cutting it blows everything through the wood and below the bed.

i use the machine only outside, i have a aquarium pump as a air assist and i also put a fan close to the laser (is a diode laser by the way), and when i go outside to check how the machine is going the odor ir really bad, even with the current gas mask that i have (i believe that tthe cardbride are already consumed) or i don`t know is i am too sensitive with this fumes, but that is way i want to buy a gas mask, and i will need one anyways when i start using paint, polythurane, minwax stain etc, so i was lookign a gask mask for that two purpose and i believe that i need a different gas mask for the wood work…

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or you could put an enclosure/hood over it and put a smoke stack up? Not many here are going to be able to answer about gas masks as most lasers are enclosed with fans/blowers and the diode lasers are very commonly being put inside of enclosures to deal with the fume extraction.

@NedMan knows better than me, but I’d think that carbon filters for all the organics would make sense.

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If you are worried about chemical irritants from laser engraving/cutting carbon filters will work just fine (anything that says organic vapors). I see these particulate filters with a small about of carbon that would probably work just fine.


i will give a try to that carbon filter, thanks for your help bros!

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