Free cogs and gears/mechanisms simulator?

Is there such a s thing as free simulation software for basic mechanisms such as cogs and gears?

I want to make one of those models where you turn an handle and a figure walks or a bird flaps its wings, and I’d like to plan the mechanism digitally and then either 3D print or laser cut it.

Linkage is one I use for this kind of thing.

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Do they do a slightly simpler version?

If you will learn it Fusion 360 does movement simulation with 3d drawings.

I’m not sure if they are simpler but lots of videos on how to use tools in FreeCAD for gear simulations:

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Maybe related?

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Hi Michael, what may be related.

Given the question @Aaargh_Zombies asked in his post, I thought he might find your post interesting. (Posting to Maker Forums by responding to mail without following the link to “Visit Topic” may lead to missing context.)