For those old timers on the board,

For those old timers on the board, does this motor look at all familiar to anyone? Name that printer! Bonus internet cookies for how old you think it is.

Cupcake. Jan 2011? My steppers have that same number.


Cupcake 2010? The shaft looks hand ground so it’s probably a Beta Cupcake or an early batch.

Hmm, I was gonna say Cupcake at first, because my ToM which was an early ToM did not have MakerBot engraved on it. But then I thought, why would they waste their money branding the motors back when they were small and selling just a few cupcakes? So, I guess later model ToM. But I am wrong, it is definitely a cupcake stepper.

That is a very good point, I forgot that my 2010 Cupcake didn’t have custom steppers.

My late-model cupcake has the exact same one. Not sure what the number means, but it’s not a serial number, because I have two here removed from my cupcake with the same number. No grinding on the shafts, though.

These motors were a particularly poor choice because they are rated for 14V, so even at a 100% duty cycle they can only achieve about 86% of the rated torque. The X and Y in my cupcake are now running two different 400-step motors (a small one for Y and a torqueier one for X) in the 3-4V range with A498x drivers.

@Whosa_whatsis - Your cupcake is still producing?

It’s not a printrbot jr motor?

I read someone somewhere complaining about getting surplus makerbot motors with that…

Is the printrbot jr made out of wood? My guess is this probably came out of whatever is in the background!

@Spencer_Renosis It broke an endstop a few months ago and I’ve lacked the motivation to fix it. Other than that, I’m confident that it runs better and produces higher quality than any other Cupcake in the world.

@Jasper_Janssen that would be very disappointing, though being disappointed by one of those would not be surprising. the thing in the background does look more like a printrbot jr. than a makerbot.

Btw, these motors also had a non-standard shaft size for some reason.

I am doubting it is a printrbot anything, why would the OP say “For those old timers on the board”. I wouldn’t consider printrbot jr. old, but I guess it is subjective.

It’s a Cupcake stepper. FWIW, they’re pretty lousy steppers. There’s some useful information here:!topic/makerbot/MSV1hX3G8Q8

more useful:

@Spencer_Renosis Nah, look at the type of screws and the belt mount. I haven’t examined the printrbot jr. that closely, but that definitely looks like Brook’s work.

Yes, they are not hex. I assumed that I was looking at part of the Y carriage or something from Cupcake, because I am unfamiliar with it. I have no idea who Brook is.

Yup, Printrbot jr.

Yep, plus internet cookies to everyone. The MakerBot 50002 etched on the back is the give away and are the same motors that came with both of my Cupcakes. Problem is that they did come with the brand new Printrbot Jr!!!

I started looking to see what these motors were because the shafts are 3/16" rather than 5mm so the timing pulley was eccentric when I noticed the engraving and found some old posts by @Whosa_whatsis himself trying to replace his Cupcake motors. They are rated for 14v and something like 30 ohms per coil… horrible for microstepping.

When I pressed on the printrbot talk forum about what appear to be surplus motors I was told I was obviously wrong by Printrbot HQ. They did send me some new replacement motors but of the larger 48mm length variety and so they dont fit the x and z axis has to be less than 32mm in length to fit. Oh well. My original Egg Bot sacrificed its motors.

What in the fresh hell is that?! People actually print with that? Does it work?

That does look an awful lot like the y end on the Printrbot Jr.